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Kylie Minogue

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Every man's guilty pleasure
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Five-foot-nothing of pure Antipodean perkiness, Kylie Minogue has been the girl of our dreams (and the woman of our dreams) for as long as any of us can remember. She’s had her ups and her downs, but she’s never thrown the towel in on being pop’s sexiest pixie, and we've never thrown in the towel on her.
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Of course, she’s not solely about electropop and glittery hotpants – Kylie is also, lest we forget, an actual actress. From humble beginnings as dungaree-clad mechanic Charlene in Neighbours, she went on to appear in Street Fighter, Doctor Who and, more recently, the critically acclaimed and completely bat-shit-crazy fantasy film Holy Motors.
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Forty-something and fitter than ever, we’re pretty sure that Kylie could survive a global nuclear apocalypse and you can bet she’d go on with the show like a total pro.
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These photos are from the 2002 book, "Kylie: La La La", a photo/art book released by Hodder & Stoughton. This is not a traditional biography but rather a pictorial biography that is a photographic look at the stylization of Kylie's career. The book features many photos, mostly outtakes from previous shoots. William Baker wrote the majority of the text in the book, however many sections include hand-written paragraphs by Kylie. Many of the included photos reveal a side to Kylie that is only ever seen by her friends and family.
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They are also a bit more revealing too, which is why I thought they might be appreciated here.
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The INXS song Suicide Blonde was written about her and it's not hard to see why. Michael Hutchence once claimed that his favourite hobby was “corrupting Kylie”. Lucky fellow.
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Over 200 pictures of Minogue had been published in the book, from her childhood days to her adult days. In the book, she stated that the photos are a "direct line from me to you". She said: 
"I've been involved in good, bad and ugly pictures and they all have their place. Some will stand the test of time. Others just satisfy a superficial and passing space in a newspaper or magazine but they are all powerful."
Originally, the book was intended to be a picture book, featuring pictures of Minogue in her "photographs and various pictorial images", mostly relating to fashion and style. However, she decided that it would have been better to add text to the book, saying...
"I decided that the pictures would benefit from some text to give them another aspect, shed some light on how they came to be or purely historical aside."
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The reason why she didn't want to reveal everything in the book was because she wanted to keep most of the things in her life private. 'La La La' is currently the only biography book Kylie has written. She stated that every picture in the book shows an emotion and a story.
Amen to that Brothers!
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